One of the primary missions of the $PIECE Token x GATS movement is to support the artists and art programs in at-risk communities. So it would be fitting that Inner City Arts of LA would be the first recipient of monetary support from the $PIECE x GATS team. 

Inner City Arts of LA has been a safe haven for elementary through high school kids since its inception in 1989. It combines traditional classroom learning materials with creative arts. By coupling the two, Inner City Arts has seen measurable academic and personal improvements. 

“We have created a learning environment that goes far beyond experimenting with art supplies and playing dress-up. It is a bridge between the demands of the often-difficult lives of our children and the world of academic achievement. Our young people have a safe place to create and believe in the brilliance of their own future.” (Inner City Arts)

Inner City Arts has a curriculum that enriches not only the students but the teachers that teach there as well. Engaging students in rigorous, relevant, authentic arts and arts-integrated education, empowers students to become strong, creative, critical thinkers. Additionally, there are ample opportunities offered to teachers to become more influential and knowledgeable within the classroom and community. 

Inner City Arts also has a way for the community to be involved as well. Sometimes, it’s hard for people to donate financially. So, the program offers many alternatives such as attending one of their hosted events or maybe attending one of their productions showcasing school talent. They even have a wishlist for supporters to buy supplies directly for the school! Inner City Arts proves to be the epitome of innovation when it comes to community inclusion. 

There is a lot to be said about Inner City Arts. They are paving the way for future creatives while simultaneously offering a rigorous curriculum. Their impact will be felt for years to come and it is a great honor to have partnered with Inner City Arts. We look forward to being a part of the future of this great program. 

“Although the full impact of bringing the arts to children’s lives is beyond measure, the programs offered at Inner-City Arts support creative and intellectual development in ways that can be quantified.” (Inner City Arts)