Our Art is Our Weapon

GATS is focused on artistic development to empower the creativity in individuals and collectives while allowing holders to govern, vote on, and contribute to the creation of the arts. Reciprocal marketing, promotion, and content’s continuous infusion of new projects is the primary focus. This focus and actualization benefits the token, the community, the artists, and the artistic realizations. The more we help develop ourselves and projects as artists, the more our value grows.

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There are creative ideas and individuals that are not afforded the same opportunity as others. They create beautiful works of art, from music to paintings, drawings and poetry, among other things, but much of this remains unheard and unseen because these artists are not promoted properly.  GATS will help provide a platform to connect everyone; from Investor support, to education programs, to the works of artists with great passion and talent and help become a source of light that can shine on those we have yet to see and hear.

Donations from taxes as well as individuals and organizations who choose to support GATS will be used to help both maintain and create spaces focused on the arts, specifically for at risk youth who face socio-economic challenges. GATS and GATS affiliates will create and teach arts and art promotion to people who may not have access to the same spaces and/or time but possess and/or want to learn about artistic expression.

GATS is focused on creating spaces for crypto and economic literacy for underprivileged communities. 

GATS will help artists to create, promote and market projects, in turn allowing first and exclusive access to GATS community members and holders.

Through contests and community (GATS holder) vote, we will select works of art that represent our vision and will benefit our community growth and development.

GATS will help promote and sponsor live and virtual concerts, tattoo expos and art shows that will again be exclusive to GATS community members and holders.

GATS has already partnered with organizations such as Guerrilla Republik to become an ecosystem to connect internationally and promote artists to fans, investors, and educational programs in support our GATS. We will continue to reach out and partner with other organizations and projects that support and share in our vision.

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Phase 1

– Launch GATS token

– Liquidity Lock

 – GATS merchandise reveal

GATS Manifesto

– Existing Artist and Art Reveal and ongoing Artist Recruitment

– Soft Media Marketing (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, other social media outlets

– Charitable Donations

GATS manifesto

– Contests and giveaways

– Song Creation Contest

Phase 2

– continued Marketing

– further donations

– Music Festivals, Tattoo Festivals, Art Shows

– Establishment of incubators and think tanks for Art, financial and crypto literacy

Phase 3

– NFT collections from team artists

– NFT launchpad for up and coming artists

– educational seminars

– further donations

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